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Carbon non-woven 8 g/m² 100 cm, roll/ 1 mq.

 Carbon non-woven 8 g/m² 100 cm, roll/ 1 mq.


Suitable for epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins

High tenacity carbon fibres

Technical data:
100 cm
0.12 mm
Filament length:
6-12 mm
Filament diameter:
approx. 7 µm
PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol)
Tensile strength N/15 mm: 14
resistivity Ω/square*:10

*Surface resistivity is measured using a Vermason 75 mm square contact block. The test sample size fits the contact block and a 1.0 kg deadweight is loaded centrally on top of the contact block assembly.

Low priced carbon fibre non woven for ultra lightweight overlays specifically in model aircraft construction. The non-woven will be processed with epoxy resin. Suitable surfaces are balsa, foams (Depron®) and other lightweigt materials.

With the carbon non-woven 8 g/m²a quasiisotropic reinforcement will be assembled that aims highest rigidity and impact strength at lowest weight. Compared with today’s conventional 25 g/m² glass filament fabrics these nonwovens can be used to make considerably lighter components with the same lay up procedure.

Preliminary tests are essential for determining the optimal degree of impregnation.