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Mould Resin P + Hardener EPH 573-P, kit/ 5,85 kg

Mould Resin P + Hardener EPH 573-P, kit/ 5,85 kg
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Mould resin P

This two-component epoxy resin is coloured black for Gelcoats (applied thickness 0.5 - 1 mm) in mould construction with high edge strength and good polishing properties. Mould resin P is processed and cured at room temperature in conjunction with epoxy resin laminates and laminating ceramics. In contrast to resin and metal systems, the surfaces are polishable.
The Gelcoat is hard-elastic, i.e. not brittle, and exhibits good edge strength.

  • Hard elastic, good edge strength
  • Good grinding and polishing properties
  • Thixotropic (non-drip)
  • Manufactured in vacuum, so optimally free of air bubbles and homogeneous

Consumption: approx. 0.5 - 1 kg/m²


EPH 573 hardener:

15 minutes processing time yielding surfaces resistant to styrene

Hardener EPH 573

Mixing ratio: 100 : 17 parts by weight of resin to hardener
Processing time: 15 minutes
Gelling time: approx. 45 minutes
Curing time: 24 hours at 20 °C

Previous brand name of hardener EPH 573 = Bakelite® VE 2723

PoxySystems® is a registered trademark of R&G.