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Poraver® 1-2 mm, canister/ 1.26 kg (approx. 5 l)

 Poraver® 1-2 mm, canister/ 1.26 kg (approx. 5 l)


Lightweight filler for epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane resins

R&G is the official dealer for Poraver® for modelling and mould construction.

Poraver® is manufactured from recycling glass. In a special process the raw material is expanded in a rotary kiln at 900 °C. This expansion process gives rise to a finely pored, cream-coloured spherical granulate enclosing fine air voids. Due to its host of positive product properties, Poraver® is outstandingly suitable for processing with organic binders. This makes constantly new applications possible in polyurethane, acrylate, epoxy, polyester, phenol and other resins. Very high filler contents are achieved in these systems with Poraver® (up to over 90 %). Due to its extremely low weight, Poraver® is particularly suitable for applications involving light-weight construction.


For manufacturing lightweight pouring and filler compounds. Also suitable for lightweight mould construction.

Lightweight, compression-resistant, high heat insulation, weather- and alkali-resistant, nonflammable, free of solvents

Technical data:
Colour: cream
Particle size: 1–2 mm
Apparent particle density: approx. 390 kg/m³)
Apparent density: approx. 230 kg/m³ = approx. ca. 0.23 g/cm³
Particle strength: approx. 1.6 MPa
Quantity added to resin: any