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Resin EPR320 (721) + EPH 943 conf. 12.5 Kg.

Resin EPR320 (721) + EPH 943 conf. 12.5 Kg.
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The combination of EPR320 with the hardener EPH943 gives a low viscosity system, with good wettability properties of glass, carbon and aramid fibers with a processing time of 80/90 minutes at 20 ° C.

Good mechanical and dynamic properties.

This system guarantees good polymerization both in thin layers (1 mm) as in thicker layers (> 2 mm)

After a cure at room temperature, a post

hardening increases the technical and mechanical characteristics.

Packaging 12.5 kg (10 kg resin + 2.5 kg hardener).


Catalysis: 100: 25.







Attention before using, it is recommended to check the fluidity of the product inside.

In the cold months, check that there are no solid crystals inside, in the case heat the product in a bain-marie or on a radiator.

The crystals will melt and the product will normally be usable.