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Rohacell® 31 IG-F 1250 x 625 mm, T = 1.0 mm.

 Rohacell® 31 IG-F 1250 x 625 mm, T = 1.0 mm.
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High core material for industrial applications with a fine cell structure

Closed cell foam PMI (polymethacrylimide, IG-F = Fine industrial grade, high performance core material for sandwich components

• Superior mechanical properties
• High heat distortion temperature and solvent resistance
• Thermoformable
At low temperatures, low thermal conductivity
• Low thermal conductivity at low temperatures
• Very good strength values
• Very good dielectric properties
• Very good X-ray transparency
• Less resin absorption due to finer cell structure
• Natural colour white

Automotive engineering: high-strength cabs (truck bodywork)
Medical engineering: X-ray treatment tables
Others: Sports articles, model construction, SMC parts sports aircraft construction

Technical data:
Apparent density (ISO 845): 32 kg/m³
Compressive strength(ISO 844): 0,4 MPa
Tensile strength (ISO 527-2): 1,0 MPa
Shear strength (DIN 53294): 0,4 MPa
Modulus of elasticity (ISO 527-2): 36 MPa
Shear modulus(DIN 53294): 13 MPa

In 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm thickness available.Important information about foam boards
Smaller transport damage to the edges can not usually be avoided despite elaborate packaging.
The plates are therefore supplied with oversize to compensate any cracks or voids at the edge.