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AIREX® Sheets C 70.55 (YELLOW) 1150 x 2450 mm.

AIREX® Sheets C 70.55 (YELLOW) 1150 x 2450 mm.
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Cross-linked rigid expanded PVC foam

  • Decay resisting
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Self-extinguishing, good behaviour in fire
  • Low resin absorption
  • Good compatibility with styrene

Ship and boat building:
Decks, bulkhead walls, superstructures, interiors, hull parts
Rail and road vehicles: Supporting structures, interior parts, floors, dividing walls, etc.
Industrial components: Construction of wind driven turbines, containers, covers, sports aircraft and glider construction

Approval permits/tests: Germanischer Lloyd, fire testing in accordance with DIN 5510 (rail vehicles).

This material can be easily post-cured up to 65 °C without deforming. Thermoforming can be done at temperatures > 115 °C.

Tolerances: Thickness ± 0.5 mm, length and width ± 50 mm, density 54-69 kg/m³

Nominal density: 60 kg/m³

Due to the production method it comes to a different distribution of density at the ingot, from which the sheets are manufactured. Border areas exhibit a higher density compared to the core. With increasing density the porosity of the material will decrease at the same time, which could result in a lower resin uptake (depending on the process used).

Important information about foam boards:
Smaller transport damage to the edges can not usually be avoided despite elaborate packaging.