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Carbon fabric GG-200 P WF1 5 m2.

Carbon fabric GG-200 P WF1 5 m2.
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Carbon fabric 200gr / m2, plain 3 K texture for aesthetic use.

Soft fabric, suitable for more flat and regular shapes.

Thanks to the special treatment on one side, this fabric does not fray while maintaining the characteristics of the normal GG200 Plain. The treatment does not create any problem with resins of any type,



Packaging: 1 meter long, 5 meter high.


Attention if you want more packages but in a single piece (example: 3 meters) specify it when ordering, otherwise they will be considered pieces of 1 meter.

The prices are to be understood per square meter, according to the warehouse stocks, the measures of height and length could change, the total square meters will remain unchanged.