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Carbon non-crimp fabric 200 g/m² (biaxial, 12k) 1 mq

Carbon non-crimp fabric 200 g/m² (biaxial, 12k) 1 mq


Motor sports, ship construction, sports equipment and model construction. This biaxial NCF has two unidirectional plies laid at an angle of ± 45° which are stitch-bonded to each other. Drapability is improved compared to conventional NCF with plastic-scrim. Due to marginal ondulation there is a better utilisation of the fibre´s properties.

Particular advantage: torsional layers could be done without offcut.

This NCF can be cut without fraying.

Be careful if you want more packs but in one piece (example: 3 meters) specify when ordering, otherwise it will be considered as pieces of 1 meter.

Prices are per square meter, depending on the inventory may change the measures of height and length, the total square meters will remain unchanged.