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Carbon non-crimp fabric 45 g/m² (unidirectional) 1 mq-.

 Carbon non-crimp fabric 45 g/m² (unidirectional) 1 mq-.


Unidirectional non crimp fabric, lying absolutely flat, almost 100 % utilisation of fibre properties, above all considerably higher compressive strength than fabric, higher fibre content possible, all cuts possible without fraying. Film on one side.

Calculated data for hand laminates with 45 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 43.75 g/m², laminate thickness: 0,068 mm, laminate weight: 93.75 g/m²

Be careful if you want more packs but in one piece (example: 3 meters) specify when ordering, otherwise it will be considered as pieces of 1 meter.

Prices are per square meter, depending on the inventory may change the measures of height and length, the total square meters will remain unchanged.