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EP Resin + Hardener "water-clear", kit/ 685 g.

EP Resin + Hardener "water-clear", kit/ 685 g.
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General information about the System Epoxy casting resin + Hardener "water-clear):

Two-component clear, colourless epoxy system.

The following properties distinguish it from the predecessor EP cast resin “crystal clear”:

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Supertransparent constituents
  • Polishable, hard surface
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Completely tackfree curing even in thin coats
  • Ideal for transparent coatings
  • Also suitable as a laminating resin system with a very long pot life

The system's reactivity was raised for smaller initial and casting quantities. An initial batch size of 500 g can be cast per mould without the surface collapsing. Coats up to 50 mm are possible with larger initial quantities.

Like all reactive resin systems the casting quantity is limited by the generated reaction heat (exothermal reaction): often a lower curing temperature (e.g. at an ambient night temperature lower than 20 °C) can counteract too great an exothermal reaction.

Potlife: approx. 300 minutes (100 g/23 °C)
Mixing ratio: 100 : 37
parts by weight of resin to hardener
Curing time:
approx. 24–48 h

Resin and hardener are homogenised for about two minutes at room temperature (20–25 °C). Afterwards the mixture is left to rest for approx. 20 minutes.

Leave the ready mixture on a flat surface for 48 hours. Please do not mix or otherwise move the product. The total curing time ranges from 24 to 48 hours.

Expertise for the resin systemcasting resin + hardener "water-clear": this system is not cytotoxic (cell damaging), important for applications in medical purposes!

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