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Epoxy Resin MP + Hardener MP/ 700 g.

Epoxy Resin MP + Hardener MP/ 700 g.
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  • Two component
  • Heat-distortion temperature: 238 °C (Tg measurement according to DSC)
  • Low mix viscosity

Moulding materials, which are subjected to extremely high thermal and chemical loadings, such as resonance tubes, deep drawing dies, conduit pipes, containers as well as high temperature applications in the aerospace and electronic industries.
Suitable for all conventional processing methods such as hand lay-ups, pressure moulding and filament winding.

  • Mixing ratio: Resin : Hardener = 100 : 40 parts by weight
  • Pot life at 25 °C/ scheduled quantity 500 g: 12 hours
  • Gel time for thin coats (< 0.5 mm): 18 hours
  • Pre-curing: 8 h at 100 °C
  • Post-curing schedule: start at 100°C and heat up with a temperature increase of 10 °C/h to 200 °C, hold it for 12 h
  • The cooling rate should not be higher than 50 °C/h

Technical data:
Density (ISO 1183): 1.1 g/cm³, hardness (ISO 868): 85 D Shore, flexual strength (ISO 178): 88 MPa, tensile modulus(ISO 178): 3500 MPa, compressive strength (ISO 604): 153 MPa, glass transition temperature (Tg): 238 °C (nach DSC), impact strength: 3 kJ/m²

High-temperature, epoxy based laminating resin

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