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MD MIX aluminium, 2K Repair putty, 115 g

MD MIX aluminium, 2K Repair putty, 115 g


Epoxy resin, aluminium-filled.

For quick repairs to transmission housings, boat and professional engine-building.

Technical data:
Color: aluminium
Pot life: 3-4 minutes
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Curing time
(temperature-dependent): 8-10 minutes
Full strength: after 24 hours
Working temperature: +10 °C til +30 °C
Curing temperature: +6 °C til +30 °C
Shear Strength (DIN 53283): 4.5 N/mm²
Shore Hardness D: 87
Temperature resistance: - 50 °C bis +180 °C (for a short time +300 °C)
Shrinking: approx. 0.05 %

MD-MIX repairs incorrectly drilled holes, cracks and broken threads on metal, wood and plastic.

  • Fills cracks and holes
  • Temperature resistant up to +180 °C and up to +300 °C for short periods
  • For on-the-spot repairs
  • Easy to use, the material is worked like plasticine
  • Extremely high Shore hardness D of 87 (concrete 60)
  • Can be worked mechanically