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Release Wax, bottle/ 250 ml.

 Release Wax, bottle/ 250 ml.


Release agent for epoxy and polyester resins

Sprayable solvent-based release agent. Dispersion of waxes in a mixture of solvents, free from silicone!


  • Excellent release
  • Minimal cleaning stops
  • Easy handling
  • Economic in use

Processing: The content of the drum must be well stirred before and during use. The release agent should be at room temperature before processing. Before first coating is applied the mould should be cleaned carefully. The release agent can be applied by hand (paintbrush/cloth) or by spray gun.

Before polishing the mould surface the release film has to be dried on. New or cleaned moulds should be sealed with the Release Agent 5 - 6 times before filling the mould to give a good base coating.

Experience is needed to process this product, so we recommend beginners to use a combination of priming wax and film release agent.

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