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TeXtreme® Carbon fabric 80 g/m² (plain, HT) 2 mq.

TeXtreme® Carbon fabric 80 g/m² (plain, HT) 2 mq.
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TeXtreme® - Lightweight Carbon Fabric

TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabric (STF) increases the performance and reduces the weight of your composites as well as enhancing the surface finish making the composites aesthetically appealing. The material is pliable and easy to handle when forming and cutting. TeXtreme® is available in a variety of areal weight and fiber type configurations.

The specified tissue weight increases by the binder to about 9 g/m³ .

Key benefits of TeXtreme®:

• Reduced weight by 20% or more
• Increased mechanical performance
• Superior surface finish
• Unique aesthetic look
• Easy to handle and cut due to a stable structure

More Information:
Storing: Dry and below 30 °C
UV: No sensitivity
Shelf life: No limitation
EP-Binder: 18 °C softening takes place (improved processing at room temperature)

Please note:
Due to the manufacturing process sporadical "weaving defects" can occur, mostly consisting of warp joints. These are labelled with coloured tape on the fabric itself as well as on its edge. It´s possible to remove this labelling with the use of heat (heat gun) without leaving any residue.
We do guarantee a free of defects roll up to 3 m length.


Fibre type: Tenax® UTS50 12k / high strength fibre (Ultra High Tenacity), tape width 20 mm
Weave: Plain weave
Width: 100 cm

Calculated data for hand laminates with 35 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 57,5 g/m²?, laminate thickness: 0,08 mm laminate weight: 137,5 g/m²

Be careful if you want more packs but in one piece (example: 3 meters) specify when ordering, otherwise it will be considered as pieces of 1 meter.

Prices are per square meter, depending on the inventory may change the measures of height and length, the total square meters will remain unchanged.