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Digital precision scale 0.1 g - 2000 g.

 Digital precision scale 0.1 g - 2000 g.


  • Weighs in 0.1 g increments up to 2000 g
  • Extra large 10 x 10 cm weighing platform of brushed aluminum
  • Very fast and precise measurement
  • Easy to read display with blue backlight
  • Short self-calibration after switch
  • Easy to operate with 4 buttons
  • Switch between grams, ounces, grains and carats possible
  • Add & weigh and tare function
  • Automatic switch-off and continuous operation possible
  • Counting function, for example for screws or the like
  • Sturdy 13 x 11 x 2 cm black plastic housing
  • Includes 2 protective caps at the same time are also weighing scale

The precision scale is accurately calibrated at the factory. As with any fine-scale continuous use results in slight inaccuracies. Therefore, we recommend to calibrate the scale regularly with four 500 g-weights, so we obtain accurate results for years.