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Resina Epoxi-Laminazione L+CL - 3,25 kg.

Resina Epoxi-Laminazione L+CL - 3,25 kg.


Hardener for Epoxy Resin L

The resin system Epoxy Resin L + Hardener CL yields superior impregnating and wetting properties towards carbon, glass, aramid and natural fibres. It is especially suitable for carbon coating of automotive parts.

  • Low-viscous
  • High degree of UV stability
  • Tack-free curing even of thin layers
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) > 90 °C (post-curing at 70 °C / 15 h)
  • High static and dynamic strength (equal to Epoxy Resin L 285 with Hardener 285)
  • Free of nonylphenol and DETA

Processing time: 60 minutes (100 g / 20 °C)

Mixing ratio:
100 : 30 parts by weight resin : hardener
100 : 35 parts by volume resin : hardener

The resin system is ambient curing and develops no distinctive brittleness even at curing temperatures below 20 °C (for at least 48 h). We however recommend, to improve the physical and chemical properties, to perform a post-curing at least at 40 °C over 15 h.

It exhibits a very good price/performance ratio and is suitable for the following processing procedures:

  • Hand laminating
  • Vacuum moulding
  • Press moulding